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While many credit repair company owners start out wondering if they can afford card swipe equipment, merchant service fees, and other charges associate with accepting credit card payments for your debt consolidation company, the real question is: can you afford not to make these transactions? In almost every case, the answer is no!

Credit cards are convenient. More and more, people are carrying only limited amounts of cash, if they carry any at all. Almost every place to shop or eat accepts credit cards, and if you are the only brick and mortar business around that does not, you are practically guaranteed to lose sales to your more convenient and accessible competitors. People will expect you to accept plastic, and when they find out you don't, they may not bother to return to make their purchase at a later date – especially if the product is something they can find elsewhere just as easily.

Similarly, having to pay by check or cash is very limiting for your customers. One huge benefit of having a credit card is that you can spend money you do not currently have in your bank account, and can even pay it off in small increments over time. Someone may really want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in your store, but if you expect him or her to have that kind of money immediately accessible, you are going to lose out on a lot of business. Instead, they may only purchase a $50 item with the cash they have on hand – or less if they carry no cash at all.

Accepting credit cards can also help to reduce cash-counting errors and employee theft, allowing your operation to be as profitable as possible.

Another reason to accept plastic is if you plan on doing any sort of mail order transactions. People are impatient, and expecting them to send in a check and order form, wait ten days for the check to clear, and then wait another 5-7 days for the product to pass through shipping is simply off-putting. Unless you have such an extremely special and unique item that you are selling, most people will choose not to wait all that time for something they really want to own. Instead, they will find a business selling the same thing and buy it with credit or debit.

Also, if you are in an industry that bills customers at regular intervals for a product or service, being able to accept credit cards is hugely important for customer retention. Rather than sending out frequent invoices and waiting for payment, you can set up automatic billing or renewals so that he or she is charged as often as needed without requiring any additional information or effort. Not only does this guarantee that you will be getting the money you are counting on, when you need it, but it also that your customers will be less likely to back out of any agreements or plans for which they've signed up.

Ultimately, credit cards are the lifeblood of most businesses today, and choosing not to accept them puts a company at great risk. In order to maximize your financial success, you absolutely must consider a merchant account with a reputable bank or overseas processor.