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Solutions for Your Start up Company

Being labeled as a high risk can sound like a death knell to a new business owner who understands how important it is that he or she be able to process customers' credit cards in order to succeed. However, while this assessment does have some negative ramifications for you, it does not preclude you from accepting Visa, Master Card, and other related payments, nor does it mean that merchant banks are unwilling to work with you at all. What follows are some typically business types, and options for newly started companies that can be employed to make processing transactions easy and accessible for your convenience and that of your customers'.

Credit Repair & Collection Agencies

While it may feel like banks are judging you when they assess your consumer-oriented company as being higher volume, they aren't out to question your ethics or morals. Rather, they understand that chargebacks are more of a problem with these ventures than with others. Credit card chargebacks is a frequent problem in this industry, because obviously the credit card holder has poor credit or they otherwise wouldnt be in collections or needing credit repair.

Mail and Telephone Order

Mail Order/Telephone Order, or MOTO, transactions are also marked as highest risk. This is because they are not physically handling the customer's credit card, nor are they obtaining a signature confirming that the purchaser agrees to pay for the product or service rendered. Card-not-present transactions are almost always given a classification than card-present ones. Expecting more instances of fraudulent purchasing, merchant banks tend to pass larger fees on to business owners who are handling these types of payments.

Startup Debt Collection Business

Startup Debt Collection agencies, account recoery, and other related businesses also tend to be classified by card processing companies. Like credit repair, loan modification and MOTO, agencies are also subject to increased fraud and transaction disputes, and will result in fees for the business handling credit cards to make up for potential losses on the part of the bank.

New Business with No Credit Card Processing History

Exceedingly popular in recent years, debt recovery firmss are than many other industries, both for the potential for legal issues and the increased dispute rates. Other legally-questionable businesses can expect the same; credit repair, loan processing, payday loan busines, check cashing stores similar operations included.

Our company is pleased to offer merchant solutions for all of these industries and many more. Whether you opt for an offshore, online card processor or a nationally-based merchant bank with liberal standards, we can help you find the best way for your individual company to accept credit card payments. You can expect to pay more for these services than lower risk corporations will. However, you should also understand that some of the volume ones are exceptionally lucrative and can compensate for a more complex fee structure without too much difficulty.